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1927 Parliament Opening

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Over 200 police from around Australia came to Canberra for the May 1927 opening of Federal Parliament House. Only a few names have been found in documentation. If you know of any officer who served in this early joint operation please send us the State, name and rank and we can complete the list.

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Detective Sergeant Richard William Fleming
Sergeant E. C. Flude
Constable E. Johnson
Constable C. S. Wright
Constable W. G. Brown

Inspector Mackay
Sergeant Murphy
Sergeant Walsh
4 constables
Mounted Sergeant Martin

Senior Sergeant Detective M. J. Davey, no. 4951
Sub Inspector Michael Vincent O'Neill, no. 4699
Constable Jogn James Ogden, no. 7570
Constable Francis Richard Bonsey, no. 7941
Mounted Constable Edgar

Sergeant A. G Wellington [LC], no. 89
Sergeant B. H. Paddick [LC], no. 118
Mounted Constable J. L Brock [MC], no. 39
Foot Constable A. E. Olsson [FC], no.172
Foot Constable E. W. R. Wilson

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