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Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Commissioners - Australian Federal Police

Commissioner Mick Keelty

Commissioner Mick Keelty meets Royal Solomon Islands Police during a visit to Malaita and Tulaghi Islands, Solomon Islands, December 2005.

1979 - 1982Sir Colin Woods
1983 - 1988Major-General Ronald Grey
1988 - 1994Ronald (Peter) McAulay
1994 - 2001Mick Palmer
2001 -Mick Keelty

Commonwealth Police (1917-1919)
1917-1919Commissioner W J Anderson

Investigation Branch
1919-1922Director Major Harold Edward Jones

Commonwealth Investigation Branch
1922-1943Director Major Harold Edward Jones
1943-1945Director Edwin Eric Longfield-Lloyd

Commonwealth Investigation Service
1945-1953Director General Edwin Eric Longfield-Lloyd
1953-1960Director General Ray Whitrod

Peace Officer Guard (1925-1960)
1925-1926Superintendent R W Yates
1926-1943Superintendent Major Harold Edward Jones
1943-1953Superintendent Edwin Eric Longfield-Lloyd
1953-1960Superintendent Ray Whitrod

Defence Establishment Guard (1935-1942)
Incorporated into the Peace Officer Guard 21 April 1942

Commonwealth Police (1960-1979)
Incorporated the Commonwealth Investigation Service and the Peace Officer Guard
1960-1969Commissioner Ray Whitrod
1969-1979Commissioner Jack Davis

Commonwealth Police (FCT) (1927-1938)
1927-1938Chief Officer Major Harold Edward Jones

re-named Commonwealth Police (ACT) (1938-1957)
1938-1943Chief Officer Lieutenant Colonel Harold Edward Jones
1943-1955Commissioner Robert Reid
1955-1957Commissioner Edward (Ted) Richards

re-named Australian Capital Territory Police (1957-1979)
1957-1965Commissioner Edward (Ted) Richards
1965-1966Commissioner Len Powley
1966-1977Commissioner Roy Wilson
1977-1979Commissioner Reg Kennedy

Federal Bureau of Narcotics
1969-1980Director Harvey Bates

Australian Federal Police 1979
Incorporated the Australian Capital Territory Police, the Commonwealth Police and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics

Australian Protective Service 1984-2004
1984-1991Director Peter Dawson
1991-1994Director John Mackay
1994-1998Director Trevor Robertson
1998-2003Director Martin Studdert
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