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Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Commissioners - New South Wales

Commissioner Ken Moroney

Commissioner Ken Moroney AO officially opened the Police Association Biennial Conference at Terrigal on 21 May 2006. The Commissioner is a Life Member and former Vice President of the Police Association of New South Wales.

1851Inspector General William Colbourn Spain
1852 - 1856Inspector General Captain William Mayne
1856 - 1874Inspector General Captain John McLerie
1874 - 1904Inspector General Edmund Walcott Fosbery
1904 - 1910Inspector General Thomas Garvin
1911 - 1915Inspector General Ernest Charles Day
1915 - 1926Inspector General James Mitchell
1926 - 1930James Mitchell
1930 - 1935Walter Henry Childs
1935 - 1948William John Mackay
1948 - 1952James Frederick Scott
1952 - 1962Colin John Delaney
1962 - 1972Norman Thomas William Allan
1972 - 1976Frederick John Hanson
1977 - 1979Mervyn Thomas Wood
1979 - 1981James Travers Lees
1981 - 1984Cecil Roy Abbott
1984 - 1991John Keith Avery
1991 - 1996Anthony Raymond Lauer
1996Neil Owen Taylor
1996 - 2002Peter James Ryan
2002 -Kenneth Edward Moroney
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