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Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Commissioners - Tasmania

Commissioner Richard McCreadie

Commissioner Richard McCreadie AO with family members of recently graduated participants of Project U-Turn, May 2005. Project U-Turn is a program for young people who have been involved in, or who are at risk of becoming involved in, motor vehicle theft.

1898 - 1906Captain George Richardson
1906 - 1940Colonel John E C Lord
1940 - 1944Walter G Oakes
1944 - 1949Harry Hill
1949 - 1952Malcolm T Dowling
1953 - 1965William Delderfield
1965 - 1974Philip W Fletcher
1974 - 1977Eric V Knowles
1977 - 1988Maxwell John Robinson
1988 - 1991William Horman
1991 - 1996John Johnson
1996 -Richard McCreadie
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