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Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Commissioners - Victoria

Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon

Eighteen primary school children from the Doncaster area came to morning tea in Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon's office at the Victoria Police Centre on 23 October 2001, the day she celebrated six months in office. The title of Chief Commissioner is unique to Victoria Police.

1853William Mitchell
1854 - 1858Charles McMahon
1858 - 1880Captain Frederick Standish
1882 - 1902Hussey Malone Chomley
1902 - 1913Thomas O'Callaghan
1913 - 1919Alfred Sainsbury
1919 - 1920Lieutenant Colonel Sir George Steward
1920 - 1922Major General Sir John Gellibrand
1922 - 1925Alexander Nicholson
1925 - 1936Brigadier General Sir Thomas Blamey
1937 - 1954Alexander Duncan
1955 - 1963Major General Selwyn Porter
1963 - 1969Rupert Arnold
1969 - 1971Noel Wilby
1971 - 1977Reginald Jackson
1977 - 1987Sinclair (Mick) Miller
1987 - 1992Kelvin Glare
1993 - 2001Murray (Neil) Comrie
2001 -Christine Nixon
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