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Australian Federal Police 1979

ACT 1979
Australian Federal Police Museum

In October 1979 the Australian Federal Police (AFP) was formed on the recommendation of the Mark Report with Sir Colin Woods appointed as the first Commissioner. At formation the AFP was made up of 585 ACT Police, 549 Commonwealth Police (General Duties) and 1443 Commonwealth Police (Protective Service) – a total of 2577 members. The Protective Service officers were on a lower salary scale, wore a different hat and only had to complete three weeks of initial training, compared to the twenty-week course required by the General Duties officers.
The Australian Federal Police was formed by the merging of the ACT Police, the
Commonwealth Police and (in November) the Federal Bureau of Narcotics.
The Australian Federal Police (AFP) was set up partly in response to the bombing at the Sydney Hilton Hotel in February 1978. A subsequent review criticised Australia’s ability to police terrorism and other national threats.
The AFP’s role is to investigate offences against the Commonwealth and to protect its interests. It also polices the Australian Capital Territory, Jervis Bay, Norfolk Island, Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.
The AFP undertakes international peacekeeping duties and regional assistance, and investigates trans-national crime, counterterrorism and high-tech crime. The AFP has an overseas liaison network of 32 posts in 26 countries.

Commencment of Police Airwing in the Northern Territory
Commonwealth Police woman's hand bag pre-1979
Commonwealth Police women's leather gloves pre-1979
Compol Control Room, Lucas Heights
Fighting the drug trade
First edition of Platypus, Australian Federal Police Journal
Motor Traffic Indictments, ACT 1979
Northern Territory police 1979
Outback police vehicles
Truro murders
Wings over NT
ACT policewoman
Anti-uranium mining protest