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The Sundown Murders

SA 1957
Car found in scrub on Sundown Station
South Australian Police

The Sundown Murders refer to the murder of Sally (Thyra) Bowman, her daughter Wendy Bowman, and family friend Thomas Whelan on Sundown Station in northern South Australia in December 1957.The group was travelling from Gelen Helen Station to Adelaide by car. When the group did not arrive in Adelaide, an extensive air search was made and the car was eventually located at Sundown Station. The investigation involved NT, Qld and SA police in a joint operation. Early work in gathering scientific evidence was involved in the conviction of the offender, Raymond John Bailey, who was arrested in Mount Isa, Queensland, and subsequently tried, convicted and executed in Adelaide Gaol.

Underwater squad formed
Aboriginal tracker Tim Powder
Queensland Commissioner of Police T W Harold 1957
Rescue in action