Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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VIC 1853

Mounted Police outfit

Victoria Police Museum

Mounted Police constable in uniform worn between 1853 and 1877. The jacket was blue, lined with flannel and had a straight collar and white metal buttons. The black leather cap was known as a Shako.
The basic starting wage at the time was 6s 6d (lower than any other public servant), and the recruits had to pay 12 for their own uniforms, a debt that often took a year to clear. Police Regulations required constables to rise at 5.20am every day, and after cleaning their rooms (unmarried police were required to lodge in barracks) were to be at stable parade by 6am. They worked a 7-day week and were granted only 12 days leave a year.

Early turbulent years for the Western Australia Police Force
Policeman and Poet Adam Lindsay Gordon
Victoria Police Cap Badge c1880s1902