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Exhibition 1992 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Police Liaison Officer epaulette 1992

QLD 1992

Police Liaison Officers (PLO) were introduced in 1992 and are employed by the Queensland Police Service to establish and maintain positive rapport between indigenous and multicultural communities and the Queensland Police Service. The role of PLOs is to promote trust and understanding through their liaison role by assisting the community and police to reduce and prevent crime; divert people from the criminal justice system; advise and educate police officers on culture and cultural issues and to improve community knowledge of law and order issues and policing services. A PLO does not have the powers of a police officer. PLOs cannot detain, arrest, search or fingerprint a person, however in certain circumstances may assist a police officer with these tasks. PLOs wear the same blue uniform as a police officer however they wear yellow shoulder epaulettes and a Police Liaison Officer name badge in their shirts. In the Torres Strait, PLOs wear blue/green shoulder epaulettes. The PLO hat gas a yellow chequered band and a PLO hat badge.

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