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Exhibition 2003 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Commissioner Paul White

NT 2003
Northern Territory Police

Commissioner Paul White at the Peter McAulay Centre, 2003.
Previous NT Police Commisioners:
1870 — 1904 Paul Heinrich Matthias Foelsche
1904 — 1923 Nicholas John Waters
1924 — 1927 Major George Vernon Dudley
1927 — 1964 the Of?ce of Commissioner was held by the Government Resident, a position now known as the Administrator of the Northern Territory
1964 — 1966 Clive William Graham
1966 — 1967 Sydney James Bowie
1967 — 1978 William James McLaren
1978 — 1988 Ronald (Peter) McAulay
1988 — 1994 Michael John Palmer
1994 — 2001 Brian Charles Bates
2001 — Paul Cameron White

Mounted Operations keep watch on protestors at Baxter
Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands
Waterfall Railway accident
Bushfire relief
Canberra fire storm