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Exhibition 1881 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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The Longmore Commission

VIC 1881
The Police Inquiry Commission
Australasian Sketcher, 23 April, 1881.
National Library of Australia

In 1881 a Royal Commission into 'the action of the Police authorities during the period the Kelly gang were at large' was chaired by Francis Longmore, MLA. His Report found the Force suffered from a general lack of bushcraft, horsemanship, and firearms training, lax discipline and low morale. They were poorly paid, overworked, and lacked education. The Longmore Commission exposed serious internal deficiencies and mooted changes that rank and file police welcomed: training, better planning, more judicious deployment of manpower and stronger leadership. Many senior police were retired and many administrative changes were made.
Members of the Police Inquiry Commission: Mr Graves MLA, Mr Dixon, Hon F Longmore (Chairman), Lieutenant O'Connor, Mr Fincham MLA, Mr Williams (Secretary), Mr Anderson MLA, Superintendent Hare, Captain Standish, Acting Commissioner Nicolson.

Native Police camp, Herbert River