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Exhibition 1880 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Camels introduced to South Australia

SA 1880
Camels introduced to South Australia for outback work in place of horses.
The South Australian Police Historical Society Inc.

Camels, more suited to desert conditions than horses, had been brought to South Australia for work in the outback since 1838. In 1880 Sub Inspector B.C. Besley suggested that the police in the north should use camels. His suggestion was taken up and from then until 1949 camels were used by the South Australia police in the north. In 1884 nearly 300 camels and 56 handlers were landed at Port Augusta. The camels and their cameleers came from vastly different places such as Baluchistan, Kashmir, Sind, Rajastan, Egypt, Persia, Turkey and Punjab, but they were collectively known as 'Afghans'.

Caricature of Police Magistrate William Tarleton c1880
Group of Queensland Police Aboriginal Trackers c1879
Kelly armour 1880
Police rattle pre-1898
The men who stopped the Kelly Gang
Victoria Police Cap Badge Mould c18801902
Black Maria Prison Van, 1880