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Exhibition 1902 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Towitta Tragedy

SA 1902
Mary Ann Augusta Schippan accused of murder, 1902
Sydney Morning Herald, 12 March, 1902
The South Australian Police Historical Society Inc.

A young girl, Bertha Schippan, was brutally slain near the Barossa Valley. Her older sister Mary was charged with the murder, but she was acquitted. The case aroused such public interest that outside the court a crowd gathered 'of about 4000 people' and directly the decision of the jury was known tumultuous cheering rent the air, and for a few minutes it was impossible to hear anything going on inside.
'Mary Schippan's father stepped into the dock and embraced his daughter, and the pair retired through the prisoner's entry. Mary fainted, and had to be carried down the stairs. When she recovered she was received with open arms by her mother, and parents and daughter drove away in a cab through an avenue formed by the tremendous crowd to the accompaniment of rounds of cheers.' Sydney Morning Herald, 12 March, 1902
No-one ever hanged for the atrocity, and to this day the murder is unsolved.
Sister of deceased accused of murder.

A member of the New South Wales Mounted Police