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Exhibition 1903 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Malcolm Gordon Donald G-5450

WA 1903
Western Australia Police

Positive identi? cation of individuals has always been of major importance in policing. Various methods, such as physical measurements of individuals, and photographs, had been used until Sir William Herschel, a Colonial Administrator in India, devised a method of ?ngerprint identi? cation. In 1901 a simpli? ed method of classi? cation that enabled ?ling of the prints was devised by Sir E R Henry, of London Metropolitan Police. Western Australia Police sent of? cers to London in 1902 and Robert Connell brought back Henrys classi?cation system. The ?rst set of prints taken was from a criminal named Malcolm Gordon Donald in Fremantle, on 2 February 1903.

Victoria Police Finger Print Branch
Conference of Police Commissioners
Fingerprint bureau
Fingerprint identification in Australia
Malcolm Gordon Donald G-5450