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Exhibition 1907 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Brush with death

WA 1907
Western Australia Police and WA Police Historical Society

1907 Western Australia Police Commissioner, Captain Fred Hare was working late on the evening of 23 April, 1907 when a disgruntled former police of?cer, Frederick Tyler, burst into his of?ce ? ring a pistol. The ?rst shot missed but in the ensuing struggle the Commissioner was shot in the shoulder. Due to defective ammunition and the Commissioners heavily starched shirt the bullet did not penetrate and only produced severe bruising. Support staff were quickly on the scene and Tyler was taken into custody and subsequently was given a sentence of 10 years imprisonment. The press gained great copy from the incident.

Bullet Proof Chest
Motor Traffic Act
Squizzy Taylor criminial history card June 1907