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Exhibition 1923 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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First Canberra Police Station

ACT 1923
National Library of Australia

Sergeant Phillip Cook of the New South Wales Police was stationed in the Canberra region at Molonglo (now Fyshwick) in 1923. Although police motorcycles and side cars were the of?cial form of transport, Cooks car was often requisitioned to take prisoners to Queanbeyan Petty Sessions, especially if the prisoner was in a ?lthy mood. Cooks wife often acted as his relieving station sergeant when he was away.

Funeral procession for fallen policeman
Instructions for Special Constables 1923
Motors to quell the mob 1923
Police Strike
Police Strike
Police Strike, Melbourne 1923
Police strikers dismissed
Rioters in the streets during the Police Strike, Melbourne 1923
Senior ConstableF W Downie, founder of 2-way radio
Special Constable arm band 1923
Special Constable wearing Special Constable armband, 1912
Victoria Police wireless radio officers
Wireless patrol
Canberra's first policeman
Discharge certificate 1923