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Exhibition 1922 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Council Members, Victorian Police Association

VIC 1922
Police Association of Victoria

Members of the Police Association Council, 1922. Back row: Messrs. G W Fleming, W H Zimmer, F Hale, R C Langslow, J P McKeogh. Third row: Messrs. L E La Roche, D McLennan, R Corrie, M McPherson, T O Morris, R Monteith, E J Power. Second row: Messrs. W G White (editor 'Journal'), W E Adamson (Hon Secretary), D V Burns (Vice-President), J H Denham (President), G H Docking (Vice-President), E A Randle (Treasurer), W P Jones. Front row: Messrs. J T McIntosh, S W Ramsay, J Stephen E C Ryan, W O Fellows, (Mr Lineham not present).