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Exhibition 1943 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Reginald Carr

WA 1943
Western Australia Police and WA Police Historical Society

During WWII, the Western Australia Police played a critical role in steering the community through our greatest national crisis. The whole of the state was virtually a war zone as many as six northern towns were bombed by the Japanese. Policing tasks extended to security and intelligence work, looking
after enemy aliens, coast watching, protecting port towns, controlling
prisoners-of-war on occasion and maintaining law and order during the in?uxes of Australian and allied servicemen.
Reginald Carr, stationed at several places in the Kimberley, became a living legend because of his exploits. His physical prowess and knowledge of the area soon came to the attention of the military authorities. When the North Australian Commando Unit was formed to protect the coast and act as a key resistance group if the Japanese launched an invasion, Carr was attached to the out?t as a guide and coastal patrol leader. He operated in both Western Australia and the
Northern Territory and was probably in the middle of more enemy bombing raids then most soldiers based in the north. When the RAAF established the Truscott base on the Anjo Peninsula, a police station was established there, with Carr as the sole constable and of? cer in charge. His task was to help keep the peace among the construction crews. Carr added another unique event to his police
career in 1945: he talked his way on to a Liberator bomber and took part in a raid on an enemy base in Indonesia.

Air-Raid Shelter c1943
'Brown-out' in wartime
Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt planting a tree at US Embassy
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