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Exhibition 1942 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Peace Officers Guard

ACT 1942
Australian Federal Police Museum

Defence Establishment Guard (DEG) numbers swelled during WWII as its guarding functions became vital to the war effort. By 1941 the estimated budget for DEG was approximately 1 million. Because many male Peace Of? cers had gone to assist in the war effort, a decision was made to allow women to become Peace Of?cers, with the ?rst being appointed in August 1942. They were employed at
establishments where there could be a need to search women employees. At other posts they performed the same duties as the men but they were not permitted to work night shift and their rate of pay was 60% of their male counterparts. The DEG was absorbed into the Peace Of?cer Guard in 1942. Its functions included the guarding of defence installations, government departments and wharves.

Police Auxilliary Force
Police officers in WWII
Radio equipment - first interstate HF CW service, Petrie Terrace Depot, 1942.
Raid on Broome
Scene of slaughter
The 'brown-out murders'
Bombing of Darwin
Charlie Basset, Peace Officer c1942
Employment of Northern Territory Police with Military Patrols
Harry Ware: Police Rescue Squad
Instruction in correct fitting of gas masks during WWII
Named in memory