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Exhibition 1950 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Twenty-eight lives lost in air crash

WA 1950
Twenty-eight lives lost in air crash'
The West Australian, 28 June 1950
The West Australian

The worst crash in civil aviation in Australia (at the time) occurred near Perth, on 26 June 1950. Skymaster 'Amana' operated by Australian National Airways (ANA), departed Guildford airport, heading for Adelaide when soon after departure the airport lost radio contact with the plane. Subsequently another Skymaster plane, 'McDougall Stuart' operated by Trans Australia Airlines (TAA), spotted a fire in bush land between Chidlow and York, and reported the co-ordinates. Police and Rescue workers located the 'Amana', which had crashed in dense scrub on Berrybrow Estate, York. 28 people died in the crash: 23 passengers and 5 crew. Only one person, an Adelaide businessman, survived.

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