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Exhibition 1995 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Police launch 'Van Dieman' at speed

TAS 1995
Tasmania Police

Up to 1995 Tasmania Police responsible for the enforcement of sea fisheries legislation had been significantly hampered in the ability to pursue and apprehend sophisticated and powerful boats used by poachers of fisheries resources in Tasmanian waters. 1995 marked the arrival in Hobart and the hand over to Tasmania Police of the purpose built high speed boat 'Van Diemen'. It is a 23 metre long aluminum craft capable of in excess of 25 knots powered by two diesel engines.
It was made to Tasmania Police specifications in Western Australia from where it made its maiden voyage to Hobart. Its normal sea going crew is five.

Since coming into service the 'Van Diemen' has successfully engaged in several high profile fisheries investigations against professional poachers, most of whom were surprised by the speed and capabilities of the boat. In addition to its fisheries enforcement role it is actively involved in sea rescues including responding to the distressed yacht 'Scandia' during the 2005 Sydney Hobart Yacht Classic and participating in the dramatic sea pursuit of the North Korean ship 'Pong Su', suspected of the carriage and importation of drugs into Australia.

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