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Exhibition 1918 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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‘Arrest that scoundrel’

ACT 1918
The Bulletin, 3 January 1918.
The Australian Federal Police Museum

While campaigning for conscription Prime Minister Billy Hughes was
pelted with an egg by a protestor in Queensland on 29 November 1917. A
policeman refused to assist the Prime Minister claiming he only recognised
the laws of Queensland. The incident prompted the Commonwealth’s ? rst
attempt to establish a national investigative and security agency.
The Commonwealth Police, established by regulation on 11 December
1917, provided for a police force under the authority of the Federal
Attorney-General that could take measures that were ‘necessary for
the enforcement throughout the Commonwealth of the laws of the
Commonwealth’. It was largely concerned with the surveillance of
political agitators. Suffering from an ill-de? ned role however, it was
not considered a success. In February 1919 Cabinet moved to replace
the Commonwealth Police Force with an Investigation Branch under the
control of the Attorney-General that had two roles: to conduct enquiries
on behalf of the Federal Government and to undertake surveillance work.
The Commonwealth Police Force was disbanded in November 1919.

Squizzy Taylor's fingerprints 1918