Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Policeman and Poet Adam Lindsay Gordon

SA 1853
Stables in Hindley Street , Adelaide where Adam Lindsay Gordon stabled his horses, 1920
South Australia Police Historical Society Inc

Poet Adam Lindsay Gordon was sent to Australia in 1853 where he enlisted in the South Australian Mounted Police. In June 1854 he was transferred to Penola in the south-east of the State and remained there until his resignation on the 4th November, 1855. He lived at Port McDonnell in a house known as Dingley Del. After leaving the police he became a steeplechaser and horse breaker, and was briefly a Member of Parliament before moving to Western Australia, then Victoria. Injury, tragedy and financial troubles plagued him and he took his own life in 1870.

Victoria Police Cap Badge c1880s1902
Early turbulent years for the Western Australia Police Force