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Trouble on the Canning Stock Route

WA 1911
Police expidition Canning Stock Router 19111912. Leonora to Halls Creek, 1250 miles. LR: Tracker Banjo, O Baumgarten, J Leddin, W Douglas, Sgt Pilmer OIC, L Pollett, J Napier, D Hunter, Tracker Roger
Western Australia Police and WA Police Historical Society

The Canning Stock Route had been opened up for the droving of stock
from the Kimberley to the south of Western Australia. A droving party was
attacked on 19 April, 1911, near Well 37. Two white drovers and an Aboriginal
assistant were killed. The police mounted a patrol which was led by Sergeant
Pilmer in excessive heat, and completed in 92 days. On arrival at the site of
the murders they buried the stockmen. On 29 October the ?rst of a series of
encounters occurred between the party and hostile Aborigines, culminating in
an attack at Well 46 by 25 Aborigines.

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