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Exhibition 1917 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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The Commonwealth Police Force

ACT 1917
cartoon of Billy Hughes
Australian Federal Police Museum

Prime Minister Billy Hughes was pelted with two eggs (one of which knocked off his hat) as he walked towards a dais to make an anti-conscription speech in Warwick, Queensland. A local policeman standing nearby refused to help as he only recognised the laws of his state. A month later, Hughes established the ? rst
Commonwealth Police Force.
The Commonwealth Police Force operated almost exclusively in Queensland
but had an ill-de?ned role and could not be considered a success. It was
abolished in 1919 and the 7 remaining of? cers were given the option to
transfer to the Commonwealth Investigation Branch (CIB).

Women join Western Australia Police Force
Commonwealth Police badge 1917
Forms of Information: Criminal, Police, Licensing and other Acts 1917
Poison Shells
Queensland Commissioner of Police F C Urquhart 19171921
South Australia Police Bicycle Patrol
Tasmania Police Force Kings medal (George V) 1917