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Opening of Federal Parliament House

ACT 1927
Australian Federal Police Museum

Federal Parliament House, Canberra was opened on 9 May 1927 by the Duke and Duchess of York (later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth). A large contingent of uniformed police and detectives from many states were assigned for duty.
Most states sent three constables and two detectives for duty, though the majority of the force came from New South Wales who policed Canberra at the time. Records indicate that over two hundred foot police and mounted police were on duty at the opening of Federal Parliament.
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Opening of Federal Parliament House and Royal Visit
Royal Visit, Perth 1927
Stokes and Sons makers of police badges
Stokes design for badge 1927
The opening of Federal Parliament, Canberra 1927
Transport in the National Capital
BSA Motor Cycles for Tasmanian Police
CIB Brisbane bombed
Commonwealth of Australia Police 1927
Commonwealth Police (FCT) formed on the 28th September 1927
Commonwealth Police in Canberra c1927
First Police Annual Picnic, Hobart
NSW Radio Control Room: VKG