Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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NSW Radio Control Room: VKG

NSW 1927

Wireless Morse code introduced

NSW Radio Control Room
New South Wales Police

The use of wireless with Morse code as the means of communication is introduced into a number of Police vehicles in 1924. The main base wireless station in Sydney becomes known by the call-sign VKG in 1927. By 1928 all Police Stations were linked to the telephone network. In 1925 the Public Safety Bureau is formed within the Traffic Branch this would later became the Highway Patrol (HWP) and has responsibility for all traffic law enforcement.

Opening of Federal Parliament House
Opening of Federal Parliament House and Royal Visit
Royal Visit, Perth 1927
Stokes and Sons makers of police badges
Stokes design for badge 1927
The opening of Federal Parliament, Canberra 1927
Transport in the National Capital
BSA Motor Cycles for Tasmanian Police
CIB Brisbane bombed
Commonwealth of Australia Police 1927
Commonwealth Police (FCT) formed on the 28th September 1927
Commonwealth Police in Canberra c1927
First Police Annual Picnic, Hobart