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Exhibition 1932 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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First Aid Team

TAS 1932
Tasmanian Police Team, winners of the Gregory Sprott First Aid Competition Shield, 1932. L-R: Constable R H Westall, Constable M T Dowling, Constable E G Cole, Constable A E Campbell and Highway Patrol Constable D R Bryce.
Tasmania Police

In 1932 the St Johns Ambulance Society instructed Tasmanian Police Officers in First Aid and this became an important aspect thereafter of police officer's training. Up to the mid-1970s Tasmania Police Officers highlighted their qualification by wearing the St Johns badge on the left upper sleeve of their tunic. Whilst it was taught as part of the Recruit Training Course it is currently a pre-requisite for an applicant for appointment to Tasmania Police.

Police First Aid teams had been active in open competition for the St Johns Ambulance Gregory Sprott Shield, an annual event to test excellence in first aid procedures. Tasmania Police successfully entered this even winning in 1931,1932 and in subsequent years.

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