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Exhibition 1960 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Swearing in of new Commonwealth Police officers, 1960

ACT 1960
Peace Officer Guards being sworn in as Commonwealth Police at Woomera in South Australia on 21 April 1960 by Colonel K Durrance, Range Superintendent. L-R: Allan Sinclair, Jack Harvey, Darrel Hole, Fred Parsons, Charlie Brown, Dick Maxwell, Jack Kennedy, Frank Hastings, Bob Forrester, Harold Smith, Jack Poachock, Colin Bowdon.
Photograph, 18 x 28.2cm
Australian Federal Police Museum

A new Commonwealth Police was established in 1960 with 650 members of the former Peace Officer Guard and 90 former Commonwealth Investigation Service officers. They policed Commonwealth facilities around Australia including Jervis
Bay, Woomera, Pine Gap, Lucas Heights and Maralinga. They were responsible for the security of Parliament House, the Lodge, Admiralty House, embassies in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney, and detention centres, wharves and airports.

Australian Capital Territory Police badge c1960
Commonweaalth Police badge c1960
Commonwealth Police dog handler Senior Constable Mason Clarke with TAA hostess and
Communications network
Facial Identification kit 1972
Jolimont Police Station with fleet
Livestock Squad
Maralinga Airport
Mobile Forensic Van, Victoria Police, 1960
Mugshot and glass plate c1960
Police Emergency Rescue Squad
Police in training, NSW 1960
'Sillitoe Tartan'
South Australia Police Cap 1960