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Exhibition 2001 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Flexible Employment Working Group

TAS 2001
Constable Anthea Maingay with her 2 daughters at the Police Academy, 2005

The Flexible Employment Working Group (FEWG) was established in 2001 to review current employment practices and to develop and implement contemporary employment options throughout the Police Department. A major achievement of the FEWG during the year was the development of an infant feeding/change room facility and family friendly accommodation at the Police Academy at Rokeby.
The policy and guidelines supporting this initiative allows for the primary carer to flexibly combine, through negotiation with their supervisor, necessary caring functions with their duties as operational police officers.

The family friendly accommodation at the Police Academy has broadened the opportunities for police officers attending live-in courses. One of the first police officers to avail themselves of the accommodation was a Constable undergoing her Sergeant’s Qualifying Course with her two daughters living at the Academy.

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