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Exhibition 2005 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Commissioner Richard McCreadie

TAS 2005
Tasmania Police

Commissioner Richard McCreadie with family members of recently
graduated participants of Project U-Turn, May 2005. Project U-Turn is a program for young people who have been involved in, or who are at risk of becoming involved in, motor vehicle theft.
Previous Tasmania Police Commissioners:
1898 — 1906 Captain George Richardson
1906 — 1940 Colonel J E C Lord
1940 — 1944 W G Oakes
1944 — 1949 H Hill
1949 — 1952 M T Dowling
1953 — 1965 W Delder?eld
1965 — 1974 P W Fletcher
1974 — 1977 E V Knowles
1977 — 1988 Maxwell John Robinson
1988 — 1991 W Horman
1991 — 1996 J Johnson
1996 — R McCreadie

Project U Turn
The Jamie Lee
Tsunami – a police perspective
Jamie Lee Cottrell in the police vessel names after her, 2005
AFP Commissioner Mick Keelty
Australian Federal Police shirt, United National mission 2005
Chinese Police trained in Western Australia
Commissioner Bob Atkinson at an Induction Parade, 7 December 2005
Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan