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Exhibition 2005 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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The Jamie Lee

WA 2005
The Police vessel 'Jamie Lee', 2000
Western Australia Police

The Police vessel 'Jamie Lee' was named after Jamie Lee Cottrell, a 4-year old girl who was rescued by Water Police, Acting Sergent Paul Kimber and Senior Constable Mark Mackin, from her father's capsised boat on the evening of the Perth Skyshow, Australia Day 1995. Both officers were commended for their bravery. The Jamie Lee was launched on Thursday 17 February 2005

Tsunami a police perspective
Jamie Lee Cottrell in the police vessel names after her, 2005
AFP Commissioner Mick Keelty
Australian Federal Police shirt, United National mission 2005
Chinese Police trained in Western Australia
Commissioner Bob Atkinson at an Induction Parade, 7 December 2005
Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan
Commissioner Richard McCreadie
Project U Turn